Praying For:


Sister Fran Morris’s Brother and Sister In Law Her Brother

 Sister Julie Hernandez is asking prayers for Cenobia Hernandez

 Cindy Mauldin’s family

  Sister JJ Kiest is multiple health

Sister Jessica Allen and Her Mom Lois Avery who is  home hospice care

 Brother and Sister Mercer Health

Cindy Mercer Strength

Brother Leonard Hamilton health.

Sister Katie Mauldin Health

Sister Shonesha's Rogers Parent's Health

 Daughter and Granddaughter of Ken and Sherrie Hays

Brother Marty Sister Loretta’s Family

Heath of Sister Bobbie Salaz and Her Son

Sister Mildred Killough  and  Her Family

Leslie Flowers Health

Sister Odom  Health

Perry Family Strength and Health

Michael Rios  Health

Sister Pam Wilcox Health

Teachers and Students


Bosque Farms Church of Christ

1635 Bosque Farms Blvd